Stop the Stress Cycle!

Are you contributing to your own stress and stressing yourself out without ever knowing it?
Here are 5 ways you might be doing that and then 5 tips on how to stop!

1. You worry about EVERYTHING. You automatically think about what is or could go wrong.
TIP: Focus on what is right about a situation, not what is wrong. Remember, though, sometimes bad stuff does happen, so just be smarter with what you are concerned about. Don’t cave in to the automatic inner negative voice. Learn to evaluate better.

2. You do too much. When you can’t say “No” or keep doing too much all the time, naturally you’ll get worn down and stressed.
TIP: Learn to say “No” or “I can’t right now” or “I’ll think about it.” Delegate duties you try to do all by yourself. Schedule breaks and move around (can you say “Yoga moves”) or take brief breaks.

3. You stop doing exercise. When we get stressed, we need more than ever to help dissipate nervous tension in the body.
TIP: Even if it is a 10 min ride on a recumbent exercise bike jaunt, a quick walk around the floor at work…move!! Also, consider learning something new, like Tai Chi or Yoga. Movement can reduce your stress!

4. You want everything to be PERFECT! Let’s face it, things are seldom perfect. Others disappoint you…. You make unrealistic demands on yourself…shit happens, right?
TIP: Become devoted to the Japanese philosophy called “Wabi Sabi” that sees happiness and beauty even when the ‘vase is cracked.’ In my philosophy…to learn from your mistakes, you gotta go out and make some!

5. You are a time traveler and don’t embrace the present moment. Okay, you’ve heard it a zillion times, but that’s because it’s true. Fear is always about the future. Stress is being a far distance from the pleasant moments of today.
TIP: Set an alarm on your phone to go off and remind you to deep breathe, wiggle your shoulders around and enjoy being alive (You could also just say “This too shall pass!” , my Mother’s mantra). But, take time out to stop the runaway train of STRESS. Get off now and remember:

Our Thoughts Create Our Lives…Choose Wisely! Hugs, KT