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 Happy Healthy You with Connie Bowman: Which practical steps can we take to control our worries at this time? “Why Worry?” author and research scientist Kathryn Tristan talks with Happy Healthy You and recommends some surefire ways to calm anxiety, reduce stress levels, a nd look on the bright side right now.      WATCH –>


 THE DAILY MIND: What is “terribilizing” and why are we prone to it, especially during times of great anxiety? Although we can’t control our initial anxious thoughts, our power lies in becoming aware of them and formulating better second, third etc. thoughts! Read more:…/stress-smackdown-how-to-create-…/


WOMEN EMPOWERED STRONGER TOGETHER: How to Stop Coping and Start Living. Kiersten McIntyre interviews Kathryn Tristan:

WEST Show Podcast





How can we reset stress and worry FAST? Using this simple, and easy 5 minute “Soothie” resets your mind and body into peace and calm: Check out this YouTube demo

5 minute reset



The MERIA HELLER Show on Progressive Radio Network. The #1 SHOW of its kind worldwide, Meria Heller (called “the mouth that roared”) and I had a no-holds barred discussion for 60 min. This was a great show with lots of comments afterwards.  Check it out:


New York meets the Midwest as host Debbie Mandel of WGBB 1240 AM in Long Island, NY (the “Turn on Your Inner Light” Show) interviews Kathryn Tristan. This is a lively and expansive discussion how our psychological immune system can harm us with over worrying and what we can do about it. The next time you begin to ‘terribilize’ and stress out, listen to this 30 minute segment on You Tube.


Audio from RadioMD: “Anxious in America”

Posted by on December 5, 2012

Click here to listen to audio from RadioMD
Host Melanie Cole of “Staying Well with Melanie Cole” features  Kathryn Tristan, author of “Why Worry?”  in the segment “Anxious in America”

Master Your Mind 3 – Instant Stress Busters

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Master Your Mind 2

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Master Your Mind 1

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