Create Calm despite COVID-19 Anxiety


Dr. Robert Schuller once said: “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Indeed, the COVID-19 crisis is making our lives tough and rather crazy right now and for the foreseeable future. Many of us worry about how we will get through this. As days progress, we may become emotionally and spiritually drained. That’s why right now it’s time to toughen up our mental attitude. Our thoughts can profoundly impact our immune systems, both biological and psychological. Here are FIVE simple, practical, and easy strategies to help you keep strong and fighting back at Corona anxiety and stress.

  1. Take a News Break: You likely already know what you need to know. However, when your mind is saturated with doom and daily death counts, how can you feel any sense of peace? Instead, take a news break or limit the time your time watching it.


  1. Stop Terribilizing: The number one mistake most of us make is dwelling on what’s wrong about our lives and worst case scenarios. Naturally, be prepared and strategize to create an action plan of how you could deal with your challenges and uncertainties. Then let it go. There are circumstances that may come into play over which you have no control, but rest assured, you’ll deal with everything you must. Don’t focus on the challenge, focus on your ability to bounce back. Don’t focus on what you can’t do, focus on what you can!


  1. Start Possibilizing. To overcome terribilizing, create a positive mind-frame by “Possibilizing.” That is, create positive possibilities. Take charge of the scare thoughts that keep filtering into your conscious mind. Instead, thank them for trying to warn you, but firmly counter them with assurances that you can handle whatever life throws at you. You can manage each and every challenge. Develop a toolbox of affirmations…This, too, shall pass! All is well, right now! I’ll handle it! Yes, I can!


  1. Create a “Sweetspot” between Routine & Variety. Scientific studies found that people do better with a routine. You had one before this crisis, so build a new one, a stay-at-home one, Get up, get showered, get dressed and eat. Study, work from home or get busy and be productive in some way. However, we also need variety and there is a sweet spot between routine and variety. We are creatures of habit, but most of us like a variety of new things, too. Engage in other activities….exercise, take a walk, use online resources to learn something new, get grounded by being out in nature, even if it is your backyard.


  1. Turn on your Happy Genes: Although stresses may seem to overwhelm any thoughts of being happy, the truth is that the happier you are, the happier you will be! Our biology responds to our thoughts. When you think thoughts that make you happy, your body responds by turning on your happy genes. It’s a feedback system. Insist on your right to be happy, despite all the challenges you are facing. Do something that helps others and it may help you, too. But also, set boundaries and take time out devoted to only YOU and your needs.